A unique sports camp

Sport against Violence to more successes

In Dokan, in the province of Sulaimaniyah, the Sport against Violence team held a sport camp for its volunteers’ team, in cooperation with Iraqi Social Forum (ISF), the camp aimed to establish many practical and dialogue activities as well as sport ones.

Ahmed Al Baghdadi, the team coordinator, said “the idea of the sport camp is an old one, which we have always thought about implementing but we had a lack in fund that was required to finance the camp.  I can only thank the Norwegian Karebo foundation for supporting this event. Also the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative ICSSI, and the ISF efforts. ISF is the space, which provides us an appropriate atmosphere to achieve our goals and dreams in building another Iraq”, Ahmed added ” the preparations of the camp took two months of time, regarding organization, choosing the venue, participants’ selection; logistic and non-logistic details of the program, trainers and others. It’s necessary to commend all the huge efforts that have been made by the trainers and the team volunteers for making this program a successful one. They acted  as a group regarding all details of the event until it appeared to us in this wonderful condition. It will stay remain in our minds and the minds of all the participants for its beauty and content”.

Issa Jaafer (one of the camp organizers ) pointed out saying “Team members gathered to detect all tasks and distributed them on everyone. All the needs of the camp were determined, a special electronic   form was uploaded to sign up with the team, then came  members’ selection phase and giving them all the instructions regarding the camp”, and he added that they haven’t faced any problems or troubles and everything went smoothly in the camp,  it ended up with excellent results.

Sarah Al Hadi one of the participations in the camp explained saying that “she loved participating in the camp to benefit from it, from the team exercises and to improve her experiences in her field of activity within the team” she added “the camp was a nice start for the summer break, we used to start our everyday mornings with morning exercises with coach Samir”. After that, we were trained about Nonviolence with Nonviolence trainer Raya Asi, then we discussed the issues and activities of our team during the evening sessions. We would have sport matches like Football and Volleyball” , and she pointed that “All of the other logistics that were  provided to the volunteers like breakfast, lunch, dinner, providing a suitable residence and other services were very well by the team coordinators.  It was excellent and reflecting a unique experience”.

 Ahmed Isam, one of the team members who participated in the camp, talked about the exercises and said that his participation in the training camp “Was a fruitful one, during which we achieved lots of goals, because this camp involved heavy morning sport activities that had the role of giving every member of the team a heads up about the importance of fitness and morning sport activities”. He also pointed that every day of the camp there were competitions or sport games that some girls participated in with boys, to strengthen the woman role in sport and support her and encourage her to play sports without restrictions. After the morning activity, Nonviolence sessions were held”. He added: “The camp was an encouraging and fruitful event” and “exchanging lots of opinions and discussions that deals with lots of violence cases, and how to stand up against them. We expect lots of future activities for our team”.

It is worth to mention that the Sport Against Violence team is one of the active teams in the Nonviolence track for the ISF. The team works on rumoring the culture of Nonviolence and Peace, using the sport techniques as an active and capable social tool to attract youth.