The second day started with an overview of the first alternative budget produced by Sbilanciamoci in Italy in 1989-1990, which proposed to reduce military spending by 20% and redirect it to social benefits. The trainer pointed out that the Italian government has previously responded to alternative budget proposals, agreeing to transfer 20 billion from military spending to other expenses. This depends on the ability of activists to create strong alliances and advocate. In the second part of the day the participants started working on some concrete proposals and a research team was formed, which will start working on an alternative budget for the government of Iraq.

This training was implemented by Information Center for Research and Development, funded by the European Union, in cooperation with Un Ponte Per.. Association in Italy, and the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative. Within the framework of “Youth of Mesopotamia for Democracy, Social Justice and Reconciliation” project, to support the paths and activities of the Iraqi Social Forum.