The Meeting of the ISF NC Minutes 18-12-2014




Members of the ISF NC met on the 18th Dec 2014 at 11.30 am at Tammuz Organization for Social Development. The meeting was attended by:




Representative of



Chassib Awda Hasan

General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq workers



Taif Sabah Nasir




Zainab Ali Mohammed

Information Center for Research and Development ICRD



Haider Hamzooz

Iraqi Network for Social Media ANSM



Mohammed Hasan Alsalami

The Democratic Future Network in Iraq



Talib Nawrooz Ghulam

Women for Peace Organization



Yahya Alhafidh

Engineering professions Syndicate



Vian Alsheikh Ali

Tammuz Organization for Social Development TOSD



Shemkhi Jubber

Independent activist



Ali Sahib

ISF Coordinator



Nadia Albaghdadi

ISF Secretarial



Ismail Dawood


Via skype


Husam Salim

Fraternity and solidarity Yazidi Association

Via Skype




Our colleagues discussed the following:


1.     The secretarial status during the coming period (members, the host NGO, relation with ICSSI, international participation).


2.     Issues discussed in the meeting of 1st Nov. 2014.




·        To discuss the secretarial status, copies of an e-mail was circulated to all attendants. The e-mail was previously sent by our colleague Isma to all members of the NC in the 18th Nov. 2014, and included a suggestion to all organizations members of the NC to submit their offers in case they are interested in hosting the secretarial and adopt the project with ICSS.


·        Some of our colleagues preciously suggested that the secretarial should expand to more members, with some changes in work mechanisms. In that regard, the meeting participants agreed, after listening to ICSSI intervention, that the secretarial consists of two members supported by ICSSI, with others to be nominated by the NC or the host organization, who will work voluntarily to develop the secretarial performance.


·        Our colleague Haider Hamzooz of INSM declared that he asked the IWPR, were INSM is located, to grant INSM permission to host the ISF secretarial, pending approval. He will inform the NC when he receives a reply to his request, in case of approval, INSM would submit it’s offer.


·        Participants in the meeting should refer to their organizations, and discuss with them the possibility of hosting the secretarial. The decision in that regard will be taken during the next meeting that will be dedicated for this particular subject, after discussing all the offers.


·        Regarding the points that were discussed in the meeting of the 1st of Nov. 2014, concerned with the international participation. All agreed that there should have been a meeting held, at least a week earlier, to discuss the theme of the participation with all members of the NC especially that the call for participation was initiated month before the due date.


·        As a reply to an inquiry by members of the NC about the age limitations for the participation in the ICSSI annual conference, and the NSF, our colleagues of the ICSSI said that ICSSI has the right (as conference organizers, and participations’ financiers) to choose to invite young activists, and the right to exclusively invite campaigns that need international support, since that kind of support is the core of ICSSI work; providing that the invitation was open to everybody, but ICSSI has the right to select which participants to support.


·        During the meeting of the 1st of Nov. there was an indication of miss understanding by some of our colleagues regarding the participation of some personalities in the ICSSI conference, and the NSF, who did not believe in the forums process, and the inquiry was about the reason of the participation of those personalities ICSSI replied that the invitation was open and that these personalities participated according to their desire to participate, and were financed by their organizations.


·         All activities and events of the national forums, and WSF that are illustrated in the Open FSM, are not reported to the NC on time, the invitation is always initiated later. Are there specific instructions to delay the invitation? Is it late as a result for oversight? Such as the coming WSF, the call for participation in on the web site since last Oct, but e did not hear of it till now, why? The reply was that the relation between the ISF and WSF is direct and needs no mediation. The NC of the ISF is free to register for participation in the WSF, or any other national forum, at any time chosen by the NC.


·        Colleagues have also indicated that ICSSI is interfering with the NC decisions regarding international participation, and some of the other activities of the ISF, and despite the fact that the partnership with our international colleagues is always welcomed, but the final decision should be made by the NC. Also our colleagues indicated that even though the theme of social forums and the ISF is clear with the international communities, but we really need to clarify the image of the ISF to the Iraqi civil society. In that regard we need to hold meetings, organize activities, or some printed material to deliver a clear understanding of the process for the Iraqi public. On the other hand, there was an opinion saying that ICSSI is considering ISF as a project, and handling it according to the fund that is dedicated to that project, not allowing the NC to be independent in it’s decisions; hence the relationship with ICSSI should be outlined and clearly identified, to maintain the independence of the organizations of which the NC consists of. ICSSI replied to that remark that ICSSI helped the ISF only during the first period of establishment, but now the ISF is handling it’s own affairs, ICSSI representatives did not attend NC meetings and if they did, they would not interfere, they would only provide consultation, when they are asked for their opinion on a specific issue. ICSSI helped ISF at the beginning with the web site, and pages on social media, but now these tools are run directly by the secretarial. Also the activities that are implemented inside Iraq, especially those of last Aug and Sept. that were concerned with civil peace were completely organizes without any interference by the ICSSI. Regarding the international participations, ICSSI is only concerned with the details of those whose participation is finances by ICSSI, while constantly calling for more activists to participate, financed by their organizations.


·        Members of the NC think that the ISF should have a “By laws” to outline the framework of the NC, which is responsible to maintain the success that was accomplished during the 1st. session of the ISF, when the activity that was held to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the ISF was less than expectations; hence, we should acknowledge the weak points of our work and try to fix them.


·        Some of the organization members of the CN do not attend the meetings organized by the secretarial, which affects communication, and staying up-to-date, especially that the majority of our organizations are weakly communicating via e-mail that we use to circulate the meetings minutes. Organizations’ absence in meetings also affects decision making, and fulfilling meeting agenda; hence, it is very necessary that each organization prepare a substitution for the regular representative for the NC meetings, incase he is unable to attend.


The meeting ended at 01.30 pm, NC members agreed to meet again, to discuss which organization will host the ISF secretarial on Wed. 24 Dec 2014 at 01.00 pm in TOSD headquarters.