The Meeting of the ISF NC Minutes 24-12-2014


Members of the ISF NC met on the 24th Dec 2014 at 01.30 pm at Tammuz Organization for Social Development. The meeting was attended by:



Representative of



Chassib Awda Hasan

General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq workers



Taif Sabah Nasir

ICSSI (via skype)



Zainab Ali Mohammed

Information Center for Research and Development ICRD


Haider Hamzooz

Iraqi Network for Social Media INSM



Mohammed Hasan Alsalami

The Democratic Future Network in Iraq



Jinan Slaiwa Youhanna

Ashur Panipal Cultural Assosiation



Yahya Alhafidh

Engineering professions Syndicate



Vian Alsheikh Ali

Tammuz Organization for Social Development TOSD



Fawzi Albreisem

Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity



Ali Sahib

ISF Coordinator



Nadia Albaghdadi

ISF Secretarial



Ismail Dawood

ICSSI (via Skype)



Husam Salim

Fraternity and solidarity Yazidi Association (via Skype)



Abba Kadhum Rbatt

Launf Group (via Skype)



Ghailan Kahtan Hamza

Social Tolerance League


Our colleague Shemkhe Jubbr previously asked permission not to attend the meeting, since the date and time did not fit into his agenda. Also Talib Nawrooz apologized through a phone call, but he told us that Women for Peace Organization has no intention to present an offer to host the ISF Secretarial, but will support any decision the NC will take.

Our colleague have agreed during the last meeting which was held on 18th Dec 2014 to dedicate this meeting to discuss the offers by the CN organizations that are willing to host the ISF secretarial, and decide which offer to be adopted by the NC.

There were three offers during the meeting:

  1. Offer by Iraqi Network for Social Media INSM.
  2. Offer by Information Center for Development and Research ICDR.
  3. The NC nominated Ashur Panipal Cultural Association.

Representatives of these organizations gave detailed presentation of their offers; and each offer was discussed thoroughly. The obligations of the host organization were mentioned, as well as some of the details of the contract that will be signed later with ICSSI to support the secretarial. Our colleagues also discussed the issue of the ISF coordinator, weather to continue with Ali Sahib, or nominate a new coordinator, depending on the common will of both the coordinator and the host organization.

After discussions, it was decided that that INSM is the host organization, Ali Sahib will continue to be the ISF coordinator, and that the secretarial should expand to include more members, who will be chosen later.

End of the meeting at 02.45 pm