The Participation of the Iraqi Delegation in the ICSSI Conference and the NSF

During the solidarity with the Iraqi people demonstration that was organized by the NSF
During the solidarity with the Iraqi people demonstration that was organized by the NSF

26th Oct.- 09 Nov 2014

A delegation of the ISF, representatives of Iraqi NGOs, and Iraqi Trade Unions, participated in a tour in some of the European capitals, where they met groups of representatives of international organizations, and European officials. In addition, they’ve participated in the ICSSI conference and the 10th session of the NSF (Freedom session), through out the period 26 Oct.-09 Nov. 2014.

The ICSSI Conference

The ICSSI held it’s general conference, with the presence of representatives of some of the Iraqi organizations, some civil campaigns that the initiative supports, representatives of the some international organizations, and some Iraqi activists who live abroad. The conference was held during 27th-29th Oct. 2014 in the Norwegian capital Oslo, where the Iraqi situations, specially after the control of the terrorist group Da’ish controlled a large part of the Iraqi land were discussed, when hundreds of thousands of Iraqi are displaced, and living now under very bad humanitarian conditions.

The participating activists presented their papers that summarized the reality of policies, freedoms, trade union action in Iraq, the situations of women and minorities, and what were the plans and participations of the Iraqi civil society to improve them. The campaigns supported by the initiative were also discussed, which are: “Save the Tigris and the Iraqi Marshes Campaign, the Freedom of Expression Campaign, and the Workers Rights and Freedom of Association Campaign). In addition to the reality of the work within the framework of the ISF, the development horizons, as the work continues to hole the second session of the ISF, and the challenges it’s facing.

The participants of the conference were divided into working groups, to discuss the subjects that were displayed during the beginning of the conference. The working groups presented recommendations that emphasized the necessity of increasing the work and positive interaction with the campaigns, with the provision of sufficient international solidarity to support the Iraqi civil society and it’s fair causes. One of the most important working groups dealt with Baghdad Marathon, in cooperation with representatives of the Italian SAV. There were many recommendations from that working group, which all, along with the recommendations of other working groups in the final declaration of the conference.

For the detailed declaration, please visit:

Final declaration-Icssi-Oslo 2014Ar.

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Norwegian Social Forum10698419_1566020936951148_6386541557566878973_n

The Iraqi activists were welcomed within the framework of the ISF activities (Freedom Session). More than one activities were dedicated to support the work of the Iraqi social movements.

The Norwegian Karibu foundation organized a session “The Missing “Peaces”:
Challenges of the Global North’s Peace Agenda” where the ISF presented a paper to disclose our vision of the war that is going on now against Da’ish, which as attended by a group of Norwegian and international NGOs representatives.

On the other hand, the ISF organized a seminar to introduce our activities, and the efforts of the Iraqi social movements. The seminar was attended by a group of Norwegian activists and interested. It went through the experiment of the first session of the ISF which was held last year, what were the reasons for the ISF foundation, it’s work, and the plan for the coming period; also the distinguished Iraqi social movements efforts, and some of the victories that were achieved previously, like (ending the open session of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and abolishing the parliamentarian pensions.. and others).

The NSF also organized a demonstration “A moment for freedom in support of Iraq” which was for solidarity with the Iraqi people and the immovability f Kobany. The demonstration was attended by tens of Norwegians, the Iraqi, Kurdish, and Arabic communities.

During the closing ceremony of the NSF, a specific time was dedicated for the ISF, when our colleague Ali Sahib, the coordinator of the ISF spoke of the situation in at is required of the international community to support the Iraq.

It’s worth to mention that the ISF set a table in the building that the NSF activities Iraqi NGOs that were present at the NSF.

For more detailed of the NSF, please visit

كشك المنتدى الاجتماعي العراقي في اروقة المبنى الذي احتضن فعاليات المنتدى الاجتماعي النرويجي
The ISF table at the NSF activities building

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الوقفة التضامنية مع الشعب العراقي صمود كوباني والتي نضمها بشكل مشترك المنتدى الاجتماعي النرويجي واتحاد نقابات عمال النرويج
The solidarity with the Iraqi people demonstration that was organized by the NSF
The NSF coordinator speech duringing the ISF session
Speakers of the final session of the NSF

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On the sideline the participation in the NSF, members of the Iraqi delegation met a group of the international organizations that are located in Norway. The discussions included the Iraqi political, social, and economy situation, and what kind of support could be provided y these organizations to the Iraqi organization. These meetings included the representatives of Yazidi League of Fraternity and Solidarity, Iraqi Trade Unions, and Freedom of Expression.

 Colleagues of the NSF invited the ISF to a friendly dinner before the session of the NSF was held, for more communication and acquainting, and members of both forums spoke of the mutual campaigns, specially those of social justice, workers rights, equality of opportunities, the work of the Norwegian companies in Iraq in an environment that grants no rights for workers, with no consideration for the environmental integrity, and the impacts of these companies work on the relationship between the federal, and the KRG governments