Towards Rebuilding Peace in Iraq


The United Nations decided that the 21st Sept. of each year is the International Peace Day; since peace has become an essential requirement for development, prosperity and good living.

Our Iraqi community has been suffering for three and a half decades of different outer and inner wars resulting in many sacrifices of all social groups, and many losses of development opportunities, adding to them thousands of disabled, and various kinds of sicknesses, all because of those wares that were made by hatred towards others, or other religions and doctrines; and other ideologies that don’t acknowledge justice and equality among all human beings, and arise from Intolerance, extremism, arrogance and hatred, that other nations suffered  from along the world’s history, which also caused lots of losses.

Today, Iraq is fighting a new war; Iraqis are killed on daily bases, because of differences in religious doctrine or sect. these conflicts are not new into the Iraqi society, since we’ve suffered from them during the forties of the last century, when Jews, Chaldean and Assyrians from the sons of Christianity in Iraq, Turkmen and what happens to the Shiite community in the areas of Nineveh plain, Yazidis and others. Adding to it the mass killings committed against Iraqis such as the massacre of Spiker crime, worshipers in Mus’ab Bin Omair Mosque in Diala, as well as killing of the transported prisoners, similar to what happened in Ba’qouba, Babylon, or Badoosh prison; committed by armed groups and militias, and random air strikes causing lots of casualties.

Today, the Iraqi scene is smeared with innocent blood, derived by thoughts of hatred, and renouncing others, on Sectarian, religious or nationalist bases, that’s why we think that we should seriously consider the whole situation, so that we can determine where our responsibilities lay where building peace and stopping the blood shed is concerned.

So.. we call upon our people, and all the decision makers to:

  1. Consider the issue of civil peace as basic and important foundation of stability in Iraq.
  2. Acknowledge the national, religious and ethnic, sectarian and cultural diversity in Iraq as a key to accept others, which helps in co-existence, and a power point for civil peace in society.
  3. Find peaceful solutions to all problems and make the concepts of genuine national reconciliation a national curriculum, rather than the methods of death and murder plaguing our society.
  4. International cooperation in defeating the terrorists, and those who seek to hostility and murder in the community.
  5. International cooperation in order to bring criminals to justice, of insurgents and negligent of officials who are found to be involved the crime of mass murder, as happened in Spiker or other cases.
  6. Launch a campaign at all levels to renounce violence and sectarianism, and spread the spirit of tolerance and love among the spectra of community.
  7. Exclusive State control over arms, and solving the militias and control over all manifestations of arms outside the official security agencies.
  8. Finding solutions to the economic and social problems of young people to protect them from being exploited by armed groups.
  9. Unify the Iraqi political decision to fight terrorism, of both political and military aspect.
  10. Raise the level of coordination and solidarity among civil society organizations to promote civil peace and the alleviation of hate messages common among Iraqi people in the current circumstances.

National Committee of the ISF

20th Sept 2014